Vienna, a capitol city filled with art, music, history and pastry/coffee shops. After a few days here you realize you could spend a lifetime and not see it all.

The Kaerntnerstrasse (main street) is pedestrians only and runs through the heart of the city, linking the Opera House to the River. This view is from the sixth floor, glass elevator of a modern department store. The old and new are blended seamlessly together.
Also on Kaerntnerstrasse is the traditional Gothic style Cathedral, which is undergoing a facelift. (Note the scaffold on the spire and the bright green and white roof on the left). Cleaning and maintaining these magnificent structures is a labor of love and a tremendous expense, but it really brings them back to life!

The beautiful Danube is not so blue! It's a major artery of commerce and transportation. It even connects Austria with Hungary twice daily by hydrofoil! However, we opted for a peaceful day cruise on the River and then traveled between the countries by rail.

Budapest, capital city of Hungary, as viewed from our hilltop hostel. The end of Communist rule is only the most recent transition in a long and colorful history.

These three and four car tandem trolleys provide a main source of public transport in Budapest. Still showing signs of restraint and deprivation, there is a noticeable difference between the formerly communist nations and the thriving cities in the rest of Europe.
This elaborate bridge and a major customs building across the river, were designed by Gustav Eiffel with the same elegant iron work as his famous tower in Paris.
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