We were privileged to stay in this traditional thatched roof home of our friends, Hannie & Abel Koomen.

Holland is surrounded by so much water, we tend to forget it borders on the Atlantic Ocean. The Koomen's home is only about 3 miles from this beach.
The canals of Amsterdam provide major transport arteries to the sea and also are home to thousands who live on their boats. In recent years a series of Barrier Islands have been created at the edge of the North Sea because there is such a shortage of land for the growing population.

Sailing runs in the blood of all Dutchmen, according to Dr. Abel Koomen, shown here with traditional 'brown sailed' boats. Perhaps that's why the Dutch settled New York (New Amsterdam) and New Zealand years before the British arrived.

This quaint little village on the Zidersee allows no vehicles because it was built with narrow streets many years before cars were invented. However, this amble harbor on the Zidersee is the hub of the town's activities.

This old style double cantilevered wooden draw bridge is still operational and adds to the charm of the village.
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