Walking from Hilterfingen to Oberhofen. These charming Swiss towns in the Alps are full of castles, clock towers & quaint houses.

This fabulous castle is just one of six you can visit on Lake Thun (pronounced Toon). A luxury cruise ship, serving delicious hot meals and spectacular views, takes passengers around the lake, making stops at each town.
These beautiful ships are run by steam engines, so shiny and polished they looked like they were put into service yesterday. The one we were on has been operating since 1905 without interruption.

Interlaken is a delightful town nestled in the Alps, offering unparalleled mountain views, and access to the Jungfrau, its highest peak. A marvelous station has been built atop the Jungfrau known as the Top of Europe.

The Top of Europe includes a museum, a scientific weather station, an Ice Palace inside the glacier and plenty of cafes & coffee shops.

For those willing to brave the cold (below zero even in July & August) this mountain top offers a snow lovers playground with sleds & guided hiking trails to the nearby (?) peaks.
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