The seven great "No's." Rules of conduct are displayed in front of Peoples Square. English alternates with Chinese characters.

Not much needs to be said here. "A picture is worth a thousand words." (Local saying). This neon light spectacle goes on every night along this main pedestrian street. Our hotel was just off this street. The shops and restaurants remain open to 11:00. The prices were the lowest of any city on our tour including Hong Kong.
More neon lights. The motion and changing colors don't show with still photography, but I think you get the idea. This store is full of neat toys and clothes for kids.

The financial district. Lujiazui Green is in the foreground and the Shanghai Securities Exchange Building is on the left. A fun sightseeing bus makes the rounds to all of the major buildings. The overcast sky with light rain shades the city this afternoon.

The busy Hangpo River as seen from my luncheon window on the 47th floor of the Shanghai Securities and Exchange Building. I was served a delightful meal by an attentive staff at a low price. Just what every city needs! The staff spoke good English and provided me with a telephone to speak with Melody on the other side of the river at the American Airlines office. Ocean liners and ore barges make their home on the Hangpo River.

The modern skyline is a dazzling sight. Decorative architecture is in. Office buildings, roadways and super bridges make every view a delight. Germany built and funded the sub-way system. This city rivals the beauty and convenience of Hong Kong and Singapore.

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