Melody climbing Mt. Fuji.5th station elevation.about 7000 ft. above sea level.

The autumn colors are dramatic against the black lava rock, amazing anything can grow there.

McDonald's in Kawaguchiko, Mt. Fuji Five Lakes District. No matter how they spell it, McDonald's can be counted on for clean restaurants & friendly staff.
We got to visit another of our favorite places while in Japan, Disneyland Tokyo. Melody would like to return in 2002 when they open a whole new theme park of the sea.

Young people are always feeding the pigeons by the fountain in Ueno Park.

The scene was identical to a 1986 visit here, with son Chris.

Japan has some of the fastest trains in the world, but it still takes 90 minutes to go from Narita airport to downtown Tokyo, and it's very pricey!

Melody at our Japanese style Inn, where no shoes are allowed & beds are mats on the floor.

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