The street where we live abounds with lovely gourmet coffee shops. Our day began with the breakfast special.

Fred met these Slovakian Olympic team members & coaches at our breakfast place. They had a 12-hour layover in Seoul on their way back to Europe from the Sydney games, where they had won the Gold Medal in Team Rowing. Very impressive for such a small country! They were pleased & proud.
Auto & train bridge spanning the wide Han River near the city center. When Fred was here in 1954, as a Soldier with the US Army, all the bridges were in the water -'pontoon bridges' carried only military traffic at that time. What a pleasure to see these gleaming structures today!
30 miles north of Seoul lie these bleak un-inhabited hills along the dreadful war zone. It's now called the de-militarized zone (DMZ), even though, on both sides, mighty military machines stand ready to do battle. Fred was here for a six-month tour of duty when he was 20. As a Demolition's Sergeant in the 25th infantry Division, he was responsible for the safe use of explosives & removal of mines.
Melody with our "military escort". These youthful American Sergeants, also heading to Camp Casey, came to our aid in Uijongbu, when we were trying to buy our train tickets. Few tourists take this detour.
New Millennium version of Camp Casey. The main Gate is presently a busy intersection, in a small city of shops, restaurants, & bars. The original version was all dirt roads and tents for living facilities, built by Fred's 65th Engineer Battalion, in addition to bridges & roads through these mountains.
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