Traveling & Preparation

As we traveled north we took the time for a last visit at a few of our favorite places, like Daytona Beach, Florida, where you're still allowed to drive on the firm packed sand of the beaches where the car racing began.

And one of our favorite places on the whole earth: Walt Disney World. We decided we'd also visit the other Disney Parks as we circled the globe. (See Disneyland Paris & Disneyland Tokyo in the France & Japan Sections)
As we prepared for our departure from Atlanta, where Fred lived for a time, we visited beautiful areas of the Southern US that are unique in all the world.

It takes seven days to get the Round-the-World tickets that we'd ordered, so we used the time to hone our photographic skills on historical and architectural sites. After all, the ones in the US were patterned after the European styles we were going to see.

While we were there, a local library and historical society were commemorating the Civil War with a display of artifacts and memorabilia. Fred's photo of a Confederate Soldier, a statue in the town square, was featured in that display.
Another good omen... the full moon the night before our departure. This also marked the time of Passover, which became significant once
we arrived in the Middle East.
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