This incredible Temple Sagrada Famillia in Barcelona is still under construction after 85 years. It's an example of the Art Neuvelle style created by Gaudi and his life's work and obsession.

This spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea is looking south from the cliff garden of our castle in Spain! Both Spain and Portugal have made fabulous tourist accommodations out their castles! In Spain they are called Paradores. This one is named for Christopher Colombo.
From Barcelona, Christopher Columbus points the way he thought would lead to China & the Orient, instead he discovered the New World!

This Gothic Cathedral in Seville, Spain was built into an existing Moorish Mosque. The architecture of two warring religious factions has been woven seamlessly into harmony. Christopher Columbus and his son are both buried in this church which was the site of the signing of his agreement with King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella to provide ships for his voyage.

To commemorate 500 years since discovery, these full scale copies of Columbus' ships were placed on display at the site of his departure from Huellva, Spain. There is also a wonderful museum and a full scale Caribbean village to depict what the explorers found when they (actually) landed on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas.

A modern staid arch bridge links Spain and Portugal across the mouth of the Rio Guadiana. Many goods and people still make the crossing on the traditional ferries, as few have their own vehicles.
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