Overlooking the fabulous "Walled City" of Jerusalem, as viewed from the grounds of the King David Hotel. We arrived at the dining room right at sundown on Friday and were not able to get a hot meal. Preparing a hot meal is considered "work" under the Jewish Law and is not allowed. Cold food is O.K. Inside the wall at the left is the Christian section. At the far right and outside the wall is Mt. Zion.

View from the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem. Looking west toward the "Walled City" with the gleaming "Onion Domes" of the Russian Orthodox Church. We took a local bus to a small community at the top of the mount and walked down the hillside, following in Jesus footsteps. There are now seven or eight major churches along this route, passed the Garden of Gethsemane. The churches are independent of one another and have their own staff and opening times for Pilgrims to visit. Tour busses with their guides dominate the sites and speak in many languages. We found this to be quite an emotional experience. We had a picnic lunch on the grounds of a tourist hotel near the top. Magnificent views are everywhere.
This is the church where Jesus was condemned to death by Ponteous Pilate. It is the first stop of 14 on "The Way of the Cross", the route Jesus was forced to take while struggling to carry his wooden cross of Crucifixion & wearing a "Crown of Thorns". Each Point has a marker and explanation of the event. Every Friday afternoon the priests from this church lead a re-enactment with stops at each Point. This is inside the "Walled City" in the Christian Section.

On Mount Zion, the Cenacle or Upper Room, built on the sight of Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples.

The walls of this lovely chapel are inscribed with the words of the Lord's Prayer in over 180 different languages. It has been built over the hallowed STONE GROTTO where Jesus often taught his disciples. We were overwhelmed to be in such a historic place, two thousand years later, and could 'feel' the power here.

The Grotto of Gethsemane. May 2000.
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