Sunsets are an important part of life here. This was taken on December 16, 2000 at Legian Beach just north of Kuta. The sand here is hard packed, similar to Daytona Beach, Florida, and reflects the sunlight at low tide adding to the rosy glow of the moment. We visited Daytona on the second day of our world-tour and drove on the sand there. Here there is only foot traffic. The Island of Java is just over the horizon.

Dressed for dinner celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. This is the Bali Imperial Hotel and we walked along the beach for ten lovely minutes from our hotel on Legian Beach. Melody made the Frangipani leis from flowers at our hotel earlier in the day.
Terraced hillsides on the slopes of the volcano, Mt. Batur. Rice has been grown like this for hundreds of years. This is on the road to the volcano from Ubud.

This is the inside slope of the volcano with lake Batur in the distance. We are on the rim of the crater. The lava flow can be seen as the blackened area. The elevation is just less than 2000 meters and the air is much cooler than at the beach on this mid-summer day of December 16, 2000. Clouds are nearly constant up here.

Going to the temple near Ubud on the volcano road. Everyone dresses like this when presenting gifts at the temples. This is a busy road with no walking lane and the vehicles give way to the many processions such as this one.
Hotel and beach at the Niko Bali Hotel on Nusa Dua. The views are spectacular with the high cliffs rising straight up from the beach below. This is a 15-story hotel wing with elevators down to the pool and beach. We had a marvellous Spa treatment here: Four hours of scrubs, massage and all kinds of lavish body oils with two therapists for each of us, in a private open air villa.
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