The sky line of today's Bangkok boasts beautiful hotels & high rise condos.

Most of the waterfront homes are more traditional.
The best means of transport is the new Sky Train shown here, or Water Taxi shown on South East Asia page. Traffic on the street is terribly congested.

Thailand is best known for it's beautiful temples, featuring intricate art work and outstanding craftsmanship.

We happened to be in time for the annual festival celebrating the twelfth full moon, & the end of the rainy season. We participated in a ceremony where everyone floats a lighted candle & burning incense down the river on top of elaborately woven flower baskets that do not sink! The Thai people do this to release all troubles of the past year and welcome the good things to come. Our lighted flower basket floats down stream as part of the celebration.
An Elephant Parade in the Ancient Capital of Ayutaya.
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