Diving on the Great Barrier Reef was pure excitement. Fred took this close-up of a Giant Clam in 25 feet of water. It is a two-hour boat ride just to reach the reef. And that is in a fast catamaran. We snorkeled and free dove for five hours then back to shore at delightful Carins. We did this for three days. We have 72 underwater photos of corals, fish of every description, Giant Clams and turtles. Carins also has a rainforest with a cable gondola ride just above the treetops to the town of Kuranda. A mountain rail line brought us back to Carins.

We flew down to Sydney, obtained a hire car and drove inland to the Blue Mountains. This is looking across the valley with the Three Sisters looking back. Thick fog greeted us but cleared the next day making for some stunning pictures.
One of the many white sand beaches at Jarvis Bay. We visited the inland capital of the island, or rather; continent at Canberra then drove back to the coast at Bateman Bay. From there we made our way northward along the beach laden coastline back to Sydney, skipping Melbourne a long 8 hour drive in one direction.

Parrots bathing in a stream. I call this a "Parrot Pond." Melody was walking into the Park while I parked the car. She saw one parrot then another and another. There are two separate species in this bathing frenzy. Lots of parrots and cockatoos in the wild down under here.

Koala Bear. This little guy is in a zoo near Manly Beach.

The opera house in Sydney as seen from our ferryboat. We spent seven days in Sydney. With a weekly pass we could take city busses (wild rides) trains, subways and our favorite means of transport, the ferryboats. We went frequently to Manly Beach by ferry and also to Homebush Bay, the 2000 Olympic Venue. A Danish Architect designed the Opera House and the curved roof tiles are from Sweden. There are three separate buildings with frequent performances and events. Tickets, however, are pricey.
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Fred & Melody Squires
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